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Confidence beyond the mere cable

In addition to the delivery of cables for low and medium voltage we consult and support electricity supply companies in planning, optimization and operation of cable networks.

For the delivery and installation of our TRI-DELTA® Medium voltage cables we provide experienced technicians and the latest equipment. Cables can be installed in ground, air and water with our special vehicles designed for this purpose. We are also the right partner for decommisioning and disposing of cables.

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XLPE single-core and three-core Medium voltage cables TRI-DELTA« 12/20 kV: Compact, light, reliable and long lasting

The progressive design of the TRI-DELTA® cable leads to a longer life cycle and is characterized by a range of technical innovations such as:

  • Reduction of additional losses
  • Longitudinal waterproof
  • Transversal waterproof
  • EMC optimised shielding with superior performance at high frequencies (100 kHz to 100 MHz).
  • Long life cycle through high performance compounds and typical construction.
  • Permissible emergency operating temperature for
    max. 8 hr. up to a conductor temperature of 130 °C.
  • Halogen free
  • Low fire load
  • No corrosive gases
  • No toxic gases
  • Super tough, black, PE-based sheath, two red lengthways stripes.
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GKN and GN-CLN low voltage power cables

GKN and GN-CLN low voltage power cables Low voltage cables for distributor networks

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For flexible, halogen free and flame retardant connecting cable. For fixed and flexible installation for average mechanical stress used in dry, humid and wet room. Special strand design allows a trouble-free connecting with standard or DIN cable lugs. Safe electrical connection thanks to the ethylene-propylene-rubber insulation. Temperature range – 40 °C up to + 90 °C.

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Cable accessories
We have a selected assortment of accessories on stock for medium and low voltage cables.

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