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1000 journeys and one goal: safe arrivals

Whether it is the question of finding solutions for the airfield lighting or the power supply of the aircraft on ground: we are aiming to ensure a safe journey for all passengers from the moment of embarking to the point of leaving the aircraft. With our technical know-how we are able to contribute to the further development of cables designed for the power supply of parked aircraft.

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400 Hz power cable systems for parked aircraft and 400Hz power supply systems

BETAjet - 400 Hz Power cables are halogen free, flame retardant and oil resistant, with improved fire performance and increased resistance to temperature.
400 Hz power supply systems provide the external power supply for aircraft on the ground.
This system comprises both static cables in buildings and apron area as well as flexible connections between passenger bridges, retrievers or pits and the aircraft.
LEONI Studer Cables offers also special power cables for mobile power supply units used on the apron area.

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Shielded 5kV primary cables for airfield lighting

Shielded 5kV cable for interconnecting the transformers and the current regulator of airfield lighting systems in series circuits.
Suitable for drawing into conduits and laying in trenches.
For fixed applications such as taxiway, runway and touchdown zone lighting.
For use under normal climatic conditions and moderate mechanical stress.

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