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BETAtherm® • BETAflam® single & multi cores High-quality industrial cables

The safety and availability of technical installations become more and more important in the future. In addition the prevention of fires, respectively provisions of adequate protection against the consequences of fires are increasingly required by law.

The basic protection against the impact of combustion gases is to impede emission of toxic and acid forming gases as well as the reduction of combustion gas emission overall. Therefore all cable insulations should be free of halogens and flame-retardant. A major contribution to the prevention of fire in electrical installations represent the cross-linked insulation materials, which make cables highly flame retardant, even in case of short circuit.

Our BETAflam® cable family and our BETAtherm® cables are designed according to these requirements.

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Numerous national and international certificates confirm the company's ability to provide innovative solutions.

Studer International Certificates

BETAtherm® • BETAtrans® Single core with increased environmental compatibility

Competitive advantage:
  • Very high resistance to temperature
  • Resistance to cold down to –55 °C
  • Electron-beam cross-linked
  • Service temperature up to +145 °C
  • Best fire performance, halogen free
  • Different approvals available
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Multi-core cables BETAflam® Flex - Insta-Flex – Chema Flex • BETAtrans® • BETAdrive • ROFLEX®

  • With increased environmental compatibility
  • Shielded cable with increased environmental compatibility
  • Oil and chemical resistance
  • Shielded connection cables for motors
  • For rough ambient conditions
  • For flexible heavy current connections
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