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The VEM group is an innovative, forward-looking, customer oriented group of companies which operates worldwide. To its client base, the group’s VEM trademark represents a German proprietary brand which has cornered a significant share of the international market. Continuity and reliability now and in the future are the guiding principle behind production and service at the VEM group. The design and quality of VEM motors and generators set the standard in the marketplace.

VEM, the second-largest manufacturer of electrical machinery in Germany, is a stand-alone full-liner for rotating electrical machines used in the following sectors: mechanical engineering, plant construction, the chemical, oil and gas industries, energy and environmental engineering, wind power plant construction, transport engineering, steelworks and rolling mills and ship-building.


VEM motors GmbH
Carl-Friedrich-Gauß-Str. 1
D-38855 Wernigerode
Postfach-Nr. 101252
D-38842 Wernigerode

Phone: +49 39 43/68-0
Fax: +49 39 43/68 21 20

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